Deadly Dryers – The Dangers of Failing to Clean Lint from your Clothes Dryer

Nearly a third of all Australians are at a risk for household fires by failing to clean the lint filters in their clothes dryers.

The danger is real. And with winter upon us the risk increases as more people use their dryers in the dark wet months of the winter season.

Below are some very easy-to-follow steps to help ensure you and your family are safe.

1- Ensure your exhaust ducts are as straight and short as possible. Bends and kinks will increase the lint build up

2- Clean out the lint filter after every single use. Build-up of lint can cause temperature elevation in the drum which can lead to a fire.

3- Never run your clothes dryer over night while you are sleeping. Don’t rely on your smoke detectors or barking dog to wake you in case of an emergency.

4- Do not overload your dryer.  Not only will the dryer not work properly, it increases drying time and can also cause expensive damage.

5- Read the labels!  Only place in the dryer ‘tumble dry safe’ clothing.  Some fabrics may actually be flammable. Beware!

6- Keep your laundry free of clutter.  This is just common sense – less mess equals less dust and less chance of a fire.

7- Ensure your dryer is in good working order. Don’t ignore strange sounds or noises. Your machine is trying to tell you something. – Listen!

8- Always let your dryer finish the cool down cycle completely.  The cycle slowly lowers the temperature of the clothing, reducing the risk of hot fabrics igniting a fire with the drum.

9- Set a reminder to clean the dryer vents yearly.  There is a continuous build-up of lint over the year.  This is an easy DIY, simply refer to the dryer manual how to access.

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