Sia & Thomas

Hello, our names are Sia & Thomas and we are the proud owners and operators of Jim’s Laundry Services Clayton. We enjoy doing laundry and receive great satisfaction in helping you free up your time. We provide residential and commercial laundry services at an affordable price with FREE pick-up and delivery!

We love our area because it’s quiet and the neighbours are friendly. There are plenty of beautiful coffee shops, Greek groceries, and bars. Our favourite restaurant is across the street and they provide a range of different cuisines and showcase the diversity of our area. We were inspired to join Jim’s Laundry Services as our friends started and they quickly became very successful. We saw how much trust and respect they were given by their franchisor and that made our decision easy. We hope to gain many regular clients by building a successful business. The laundry business was new when we decided to invest but that never made us doubt the potential we knew it had. We spend our free time going out with friends, going out for coffee or lunch and enjoy going for a walk by the lake near our house when the weather is nice.

We have the safety and security of being fully trained and insured with a current police check, giving you the peace of mind to leave your laundry needs in my trusted care. We also have a 100% guarantee on our work, so if you are not happy with it we will fix it! If you require nothing less than exceptional, quality service please call 131 546 to have us quote and service your laundry needs.

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