HELP! How do I keep my towels fresh and fluffy?!

Nothing compares to the feeling of wrapping a soft, fresh towel around you after your shower. Nobody likes a dry, scratchy towel so here are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep your towels clean and fluffy!

clean towels

How often should you wash your towels?

It is recommended that you wash your towels every 2-3 uses. However, this relies on how you store your towel after use. If you are someone who hangs their towel straight back up after you’ve dried off, you are more than likely going to be able to get 3 uses out of it. If you’re someone who tends to leave your towel on the floor (don’t worry we’re guilty of that too!) then you should be washing them after every use as there is likely to be more bacteria build up.

How should you wash your towels to get maximum use out of them?

Towels and clothes should be washed separately. Make sure to separate your white and dark towels as well into separate loads. This will avoid any colour bleeding. Too much detergent can cause a build-up of residue on your towels which leads to poor absorption so we recommend using half the amount of detergent you would normally use for your clothes. Washing your white towels in hot water and washing your dark towels in warm water on a regular wash cycle will give you optimal results.

Take your towels out once they have finished washing and shake them out – this helps with maintaining fluffiness as this loosens up the fabric fibres.

Place the towels into the dryer and dry until they are completely dry. If any moisture is left, this could cause mildew and they can start to smell. It is important to note that over-drying your towels overtime can damage the fibres. Practise makes perfect and you will learn over time the perfect time setting needed for towels in your dryer. Over-drying your towels overtime can damage the fibres.

Once the towels are completely dry, take them out of the dryer and give them another shake. This again loosens the fibres to maintain fluffiness for when you fold them and put them away.

My towels don’t smell fresh after just washing!

Sometimes if there is a detergent build up, your towels may have a musty smell when taking them out of the washing machine. If this occurs, there is an easy fix…vinegar! Simply add ½ a cup of vinegar in the machine and run another rinse cycle. Take out and shake as above.

Should you wash new towels before using them?

Absolutely yes! Towels in stores can often have a silicon coating to make them more appealing before buying which makes the towels less absorbent. Not to mention, so many other people may have touched these towels as well so it’s a good idea to wash your towels before use.

Why do hotels only use white towels?

Have you ever noticed that most hotels only use white towels? This is because they are surprisingly the easiest to clean. Run them in hot water and if you’re not getting the same bright white you used to, you could always put some bleach in to bring them back to their pearly white standard!

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