Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms 

An invoice will be emailed to you once your laundry is collected. We require payment prior to delivery of completed service. Jim’s Laundry Services reserves the right to withhold your laundry until payment is received. Payment is accepted by direct bank transfer to the payment details listed on the invoice. 

Terms and Conditions

Jim’s Laundry Services will do everything we can to take the very best care of your clothes and linen. Jim’s Laundry Services holds no responsibility for items that are damaged through the course of normal laundering.

If an item requires special care, please bring it to our attention before your laundry service. If an item needs special attention e.g. stain removal, we will do our best to remove it using regular stain removers, however we can make no guarantee that we will be able to remove stains.

It is your responsibility to ensure any items provided for a Job you create are suitable for the Laundry Services that you have requested. We will not be liable to you for any loss or damage (including any costs to repair any damaged items, costs to replace any damaged items or costs to perform any additional services) that arise from you obtaining Laundry Services