The Secret Weapon in the Laundry Room

Vinegar…. and it’s all natural too!

An inexpensive distilled white vinegar really is a super power in the laundry, it has a multitude of uses from cleaning, brightening and softening your clothes to actually removing soap residue from your washing machine.

It is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals and is safe to use in your front and top loading washing machines. Just remember vinegar is acidic so be sure to avoid putting it directly onto your clothing.  Instead, simply add ½ cup to the final rinse cycle for amazing results.

Keeps Clothes Brighter and Whiter

Eliminates Odours – Mildew, Smoke, Body Odour

It’s A Natural Fabric Softener

Reduces Pet Hair From Clothing

Keeps Your Washing Machine Clean

Removes Underarm Perspiration Stains


Cleans Your Iron