Tips and Tricks for Ironing at Home

As much as we all wish there was a super machine that does all of your ironing without having to lift a finger, this is unfortunately not the case! In order to get the wrinkles out, you have to put in the hard yards. If you don’t have the best ironing technique, it can be much more difficult than it needs to be. Everybody loves wrinkle free clothes, so read on to find out ways to save time ironing including some bonus tips and tricks!

Quality Matters

The first step is to ensure you have a good quality iron. A good quality iron can halve the time spent compared to a cheaper, inefficient iron which will have you ironing the same spot over and over with minimal results.

Iron Temperature

Always remember to check the specific care instructions on each of your clothes so as to avoid damage. It is a good idea to separate your clothes into two piles: cool and hot. This way, you can slowly turn up the heat as you make your way through the pile and you’re not waiting for the iron to cool back down in between items. It may seem daunting having to add in an extra step of sorting your clothes into piles, but you will be amazed at how fast you can make your way through them without having to look what temperature you should be using!


Another important step is the method you are using to iron. Avoiding circular strokes which will stretch items out and instead using longer strokes in a lengthways direction. Using these lengthways strokes help move the iron better through the wrinkles.

Steam, Steam, Steam!!

A common misconception is that clothes need to be bone dry to iron. This is false!

This is why steam irons were created. Not only does steam make overall ironing easier, it’s a sure way to get out particularly tough wrinkles. Fabrics that are too dry can result in poorer results when ironing. Using your irons spray and steam feature help to relax the fabric resulting in less work needed to get the wrinkles out. Even items that have been bundled in the back of the closet can have wrinkles removed easily with a bit of steam!

Clean your iron!

Did you know you should be cleaning your iron? We recently asked clients about this and the results were alarmingly no! We recommend giving your iron a good clean once it has cooled down after each use. Stay away from bleach when cleaning your iron! And, don’t forget to leave it on a few minutes before starting your next batch to burn off any left-over cleaning residue. If your iron is really dirty it can leave permanent stains on your clothes.

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