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Tips for Stress-Free Laundry

Are you time-poor and feeling overwhelmed with your busy schedule? Struggling to keep on top of your laundry? Maybe you’re frustrated that you never have clean clothes ready for work, school or business. Making sure ourselves and our family have fresh clothes is one of those tasks that we have to do throughout the week, no matter what. So, if it’s one of those tasks you find gets out of control easily, here are some useful tips to help you stay on top of your laundry.

1. One load a day

This may sound crazy, but it works.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the volume of laundry that accumulates at the end of the week. By doing one load a day, and doing it consistently, there is rarely a pile up of laundry. It makes a world of difference.

2. Pre-sort the laundry

Sort your colours from whites – it will keep your whites much brighter!  If you sort your items into different laundry baskets – with, say, whites, colors and delicates – then it is easy to wash quickly without much headache.

3. Put a load in the wash

Whilst you are waiting for your first load to finish washing you can go about your day and do other tasks while you wait. Make sure you don’t get distracted and forget about the load in the wash. Set a reminder!

4. Fold and Put Away

Doing the laundry is easy, folding it and putting it away is a pain.  After your washing is dry, it’s best fold and put it straight away to avoid piles of clean clothes lying around. This is also why Item 1 is important as it keeps the workload much more manageable.

TIP: Folding (or hanging) straight after drying will also significantly reduce the amount of ironing that will be required.

5. Get the kids to help!

Kids are never too young to start helping. Children as young as three can get involved. Have them collect the laundry throughout the house, sorting colours, matching socks, folding towels etc. The sooner they get involved and interested the better and easier it will be in the long term.

If laundry day is just too overwhelming for you, well there is another solution!

Jim’s Laundry Services provides affordable, efficient, and professional laundry services Australia wide. We understand that you’re a busy parent, professional, business owner or working family, that’s why we pick-up and deliver, free of charge, for your convenience.

We can wash and dry any dirty clothes, bed linen, towels or tablecloths, and fold them neatly, ready for use.

We are detail-focused and professionally trained to give you a personalised wash, dry and fold laundry service, every time. This means we carefully check each item’s labels to follow the manufacturer’s recommended washing instructions, we separate whites, darks and colours, and we let you know if an item needs repairs.

Our signature wash, dry and fold service turn-around time is 24 hours, except on weekends. If orders are placed on Saturday, then they are delivered back to you on Monday.  The first time you use Jim’s Laundry Services, you will get your own laundry bag to fill with your washing.

Ironing, hand-washing and same-day express laundry service options are available. If this all sounds too good to be true, click here to find out more, get in touch with us online or give us a call on 131 546.