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Satyam & Krupa

Hello, our names are Satyam & Krupa and we are the proud owners and operators of Jim’s Laundry Services Boronia. We enjoy doing laundry and receive great satisfaction in helping you free up your time. We provide residential and commercial laundry services at an affordable price with FREE pick-up and delivery!

We are living in eastern side of Melbourne since we migrated to Australia. Best thing about Boronia is the location, which is close to Mountain and shopping center, as well as 50 min drive to city. There is so many nice place to eat such as Crave, for kids Time Zone as well as local people are so kind and nice. We have so many cultures offering a diverse range of experiences, food and culture. We were inspired to join Jim’s Laundry Services as we were looking for opportunity to enter in business. We find out about Jim Laundry Service when my husband met with a franchisee from Perth. He really liked the concept of this business. We are a growing family with two kids, and work life balance was not easy when you are committed with fixed hours of work every day. The reason we wanted join Jim’s is the flexibility of making money. Our goals are to thoroughly understand the business and grow steadily. Long term, we plan to convert this business in the commercial sector for services such as Hotels, Motels and Airbnb’s. We spend our free time with our kids and family friends. Cooking together, going to places around Melbourne to eat, and taking our kids to explore.

We have the safety and security of being fully trained and insured with a current police check, giving you the peace of mind to leave your laundry needs in my trusted care. We also have a 100% guarantee on our work, so if you are not happy with it we will fix it! If you require nothing less than exceptional, quality service please call 131 546 to have us quote and service your laundry needs.

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